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In many of the diversity trainings I facilitate, we focus on bringing groups together regardless of who they are or how different we perceive them to be. The idea is to help people begin to focus on the things they have in common rather than those that keep them apart.

What do you do to bring people together?


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I love this question Guy, I too, believe in diversity and reaching out to people. I consider myself a very compassionate person and have friends and met people through all walks of life. I am extremely involved in my church and participate in numerous volunteer opportunities weather at church and throughout the community. Regardless of religion, race, background, career, what I have come to realize is each one of us have something in common and can use our gifts and talents to help others. Its an on going and growing process that never stops.
I think Marie is pretty much on the right track with her response. I think one of the most effective ways to bring people together is to engage them in a project, or have them work toward a common cause. Of course, certain projects can lead to disagreements; but you can get around the differences by having them focus on their goals and strengths. Working toward a common good has a funny way of bringing people together. At the very least, mutual respect can be established.


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