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How Do You Define and Contribute to Hispanic Leadership?

Hi Everyone,

I'm interested in your ideas on Hispanic leadership.  I frequently think of leadership in terms of self awareness and insight that helps other people move forward as well as doing things that encourage greater understanding and collaboration.  How do you define Hispanic Leadership and how do you contribute to it?

Take care,

I help build inspirational leaders.

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Thank You for this discussion!

In my youth, I was always a follower and although I have overcome that, I do find it hard sometimes when people consider me in the leadership role, sometimes I embrace that but sometimes I'm not sure how to take that, because I believe to be a successful leader, one must have passion, be productive and perform well and oftentimes I feel I fall short of that.

I am very community involved, I do alot of volunteer work, I am a motivator to some extent, a good listener, talker. I believe these attributes help me in a "leadership role".

Glad you're out there making a difference Marie. Thanks for your ideas, Guy.
I am a student in advanced leadership within a group that covers the north Texas college system. We have one main textbook for our class (The Leadership Challenge), yet we also use other sources and many books from the Harvard Business School series. I believe that leadership, no matter what race, is set of characteristics--not just one thing. (Intellectual capacity, motivation, enlisting others, pride, having exceptional communication skills, being committed, keeping your word, being organized, foreseeing change, delegating, and even knowing when it's time to say farewell and step away.)

Hispanic leadership to me would be having all of those virtues and also knowing the cultural aspects and undertones of relationships that allow the bridge of communication to be a solid one.

I am enjoying my leadership class and am looking forward to graduating in the fall. That is my contribution to Hispanic leadership: I am Hispanic and am enrolled in leadership class.
Thanks for your comments Maria. I really like the idea of a bridge of communication. Take care, Guy.
Thanks Armando. It is pretty amazing how leaders appear in places where you would least expect them if you just give them the opportunity to come forward. Take care, Guy.
Good question Guy.

I have a journal article coming out shortly via the Business Journal of Hispanic Research that focuses on the leadership attributes of Hispanic professionals. It will be coming out within the next few weeks and should be available via the NSHMBA research website. I've posted the Abstract below. In many respects, I think additional research and creating awareness is my way to contribute to Hispanic leadership. Thanks for the question.

ABSTRACT: Leadership studies examining Hispanic Americans in the context of their organizational experiences and leadership behaviors are still lacking. Hispanic Americans account for 14.8% of the U.S. population (44.3 million), making them the largest ethnic minority in the country. While Hispanic Americans account for only 13% of the U.S. workforce, this demographic represents 37% of the total increase in U.S. employment. The significance of these statistics underscores the lack of research undertaken to examine the leadership attributes of Hispanic Americans. To address this disparity, the current study investigates the relationship between emotional intelligence and transformational leadership
using a Hispanic American sample. The study additionally examines whether age, gender, educational experience, and years of professional experience were determining factors in overall emotional intelligence scores.
Thanks for sharing this resource Miguel.  Take care, Guy.

I am lucky enough to watch / leverage Mega-Trends (social, financial, legal, etc.) to keep current with the Industry (computer-technology, Security, Regulatory) for my business.  I have been watching the Latino-Market Mega-Trends and am just dying to JUMP IN with both feet and leverage this one as well. I keep trying to 'spread the word' about the Latino-market.


To help Define and Contribute to Hispanic Leadership - I volunteer my Time and Effort to other Latinos / Groups that need some help in selling or 'packaging' the facts / research about the Latino Market.  I have posted samples of this in my NSHP profile, out on LINKEDIN, even out on Facebook.  I also offer some of my time free-of-charge to other people / groups that want to start up a business or earn some Investment Capital to grow their market / sales.  Finally, I work with some kids in High School, as well as a few College / University students and help motivate and guide them to 'see the big picture' while achieving their short-term goals - since the former should follow the latter.   Also, I am working to build a strong, cross-country Network of Latino-professionals who can help each other...

Thank you for your thoughts Patrick.  Take care, Guy.


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