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Almost every major newspaper in California has published editorials regarding Arizona's new highly controversial immigration law, criticizing everything from its encouragement of racial profiling to its unconstitutionality in terms of our nation's 14th Amendment. While I wasn't at all surprised at this large amount of coverage, I was surprised by the fact that none of these articles addressed the racial tensions in our state — especially in light of the eye-opening incidents that took place at two Bay Area high schools on Cinco de Mayo. It seems we Californians are so busy critiquing the problems of other states such as Arizona that we are overlooking the racial tension between Mexican immigrants and non-immigrants present in our own backyards.

First, the evidence. On Cinco de Mayo, a nationwide celebration of Mexican heritage and pride, 15 students at Pioneer High School in San Jose attended school wearing T-shirts with the title "Border Patrol" written across their chests, an obvious allusion to the U.S. Border Patrol, which ensures that Mexican immigrants do not enter this country illegally. At the end of the day, the school administration told the students they must remove these shirts, which they did. This was not the only incident, however. On that same day, four students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill were sent home halfway through the school day after refusing to remove their shirts, jackets and shorts bearing the stars and stripes of the American flag.

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Source:  San Jose Mercury News
Author: Nick Luther

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Wait! California will allow Mexican's to exercise their freedom of speech on Cinco de Mayo and not US citizens?
First of all,
"Mexicans" were not exercising "freedom of speech" it's the "Gringos" who want to get drunk and a need an excuse. Mexicans don't Celebrate. They commemorate Cinco de Mayo.

Beer Companies and other companies would like to make it as big as Christmas for commercial purposes.

You say "US Citizens" as if only US Citizens are countering the "Celebration"
Again, Mexicans DO NOT Celebrate. Mexican-Americans (US Citizens) are more likely to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo because they don't know the HISTORY.

in any Case the purpose of the "US Citizens" you mention is to "Instigate Trouble" no other purpose.

JP your comments hold basically the same purpose.
Are you here for Networking and Friendship with HISPANICS or just to instigate and SPY??
if so, perhaps http://www.stormfront.org/forum/ might be better suited for you.
Mr. Castaneda,

Here is my point. The United States is a country that gives people the freedom to speak their minds. Why must we treat others so special? Immigrants can come to the United States and burn its flag, fly their flag over the United States flag, and yet we cannot voice our opinions on days that others celebrate or commerate?

My comments state my freedom of speech.

Thanks for the website suggestion but it is too out of control.
NO! let's NOT forget Arizona!
Have you read the law that Arizona passed? I am talking about the revised version.


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