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You are not alone


Meet Maria Ely, in days likes this: not too hot not too cold, she likes to walk Oscar –her border collie- on the streets on Capecity. Divorced for 10 years is an alone feeling. Maria
hasn’t learned to be alone and she needs our help. Loneliness is like a monster
in the closet. It maybe we are all are alone; we are "all one" with
ourselves or perhaps breaking it down in a lonely realization. For Laura her
best friend, this was the only way that she knew how to live. Independent and
very successful bulimic entrepreneur.

Almost every hour spent has to be with someone. Her desperation became addictive. Going shopping was a good way to replacing things for people, filling emptiness with more emptiness.  Her children knew about her depression.
Peter, the only and oldest son has special needs. Maria spends a lot of time
trying to help him with his homework. She tries so hard to make him feel normal
in a world that demands fast results, but he is not.

Jessica is the youngest and the genius of the family. Her confidence is overwhelming especially for her siblings. They can’t avoid comparing with her. She is blonde with blue eyes and
is the first in the family to look so unique. Precious but society tells her
from the moment that she was born ‘you are a stupid blonde’. Society is wrong.
She is not only smart, but beautiful besides guess what? She is also smart. How
can society be so cruel? Who makes society to be thus inhuman? You and me.

The Ely are a typical American family, hard-workaholics. They spend hours learning and improving themselves. After school they go to after school for more classes. More is always better.
The more education the more chances to succeed. They don’t make much time for
each other, except for Marie who is constantly requesting attention but the
children live in a different generation and do not understand her. They do have
a weekly tradition: they go together to the best American restaurant McDonalds
to have a feast with burger and French fries. Feast that always feel full for 7
days until the new week.

Peter has a best friend, his new iphone! He uses most of the times for music. He communicates under the music language. He listens to rock most of the times, he downloads pop and classics
and he even learn how to play music on his iphone. For him this tool is his
world, imaginary or not didn’t matter to him, it was all that he had.

Maria since she has been divorced lost confidence of finding someone who would love her. This seemed impossible. She is not happy with her body. She can’t believe that 8 is a plus size!  She read in a magazine that only a 15% of
American women were happy with their bodies. She was for first time part of a
majority. And the rest? 85% were unhappy, unsatisfied. We know of the social
pressures that focus in the outside more than the inside. She is overcritical
plus self-confidence is something that could take a whole life to gain.


God has created human at his image. God loves himself, isn’t he? He is perfect, so are we. He made this world and everything on it, why should we let others imperfect people to
control our lives?

Today technology not only can fill emptiness but also make tremendous human makeovers. You can chance your body size, cover your wrinkles, make your bubbies bigger, bigger lips, piercing
tongues, tattooing your back, ankle and transforming yourself from God to a
monster.  I think a little surgery when
someone is old it may be good but not to the point to make you
unrecognizable.  Putting holds on your
body and destroying who you are is worse than drilling the Mona Lisa. Your body
is a most value piece of art; don’t let anyone to diminish your great
value.   Make time to appreciate your
beauty, make time for those who matter the most: You.

You are the most important piece of art and the earth is a big museum, don’t let the pollutions, pornography, individualism, stereotypes destroy you.

Libertinism is not the same than libertarianism either opportunism.  United States is known as the “land of
opportunity.” Opportunity for what? Opportunity
to eat healthy, to have free time, to have a reliable health insurance, to have
fun with the family, to be happy for whom we really are? We are free to say
‘no’ to the corruption. Don’t believe that we have an absolute solution. Don’t
believe if someone tells you that their way is the ‘only’ successful way for
you. Onlynisum does not exist. My truth is the only true is a lie. Your true is
my only truth. It may work for them, but you are not them and even if you try,
you will never be.


And what about freedom of opportunities? We were free to pursue our self-interests and it was built into the very foundation of our existence with the writing of the Declaration of
Independence: “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, thanks to Thomas
Jefferson.  The happiest people that I
know are the ones that make constantly improvements and uses of their freedom
and take advantage of every opportunity.

Jefferson also indicated the need of a periodic revolution, “at least once every 20 years,” was “a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.” If a
good Government needs medicine of new ideas at least every 20 years, maybe with
today pace is 4 years, what about people? How much medicine does people needs?
How many years does a person need to be healthy? My new Droid app tells me that
I should create new ideas every hour and I believe she is right.

Written by Sonia Q. Thomas sonia@soniathomas.com


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