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I am actually in Bakersfield, ca.  My question is are other Latina/Chicana's having problems finding work.  I know I should let my daughter ask, but she is so frustrated. She has a  double BA. One is in History and the other is Political Science/honor society.  Because her father and I are both disable she spent her summer's home helping out instead of trying for internships.  So, now she has trouble finding something; she is either to qualified, because of her degree, or not qualified since she has no experience.  Any ideas on what she can do.  she is very interested in Latin American and the middle east.

my email corrine.madridnieto@gmail.com

thank you for ideas anyone my have.


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Hi Corrine,


It’s still a tough market out there to find adequate employment. I'm a recruiter and from my experience I've had to turn down qualified applicants due to the large volume of qualified folks applying. There are a few things she can do to make herself more competitive and standout:


- Volunteer/externship with an organization or company within her field of interest.

- Attend networking events in her area to network with professionals.

- Join a professional organization that falls within her interest.

- She may have to take job that might be outside of her current interest so she can gain experience.

- Visit her school’s career services office for resume critique, mock interviewing and career advice.


Good luck!


First tell her not to give up.  In this economy, there are a lot of us struggling to find jobs.  I live near Washington DC, have a BS in Information Systems, 5 certifications and on top of that I have 10 years experience and I have been looking for a full time job for almost two years.  I work a part-time contract with Xerox, so I am working, but I too am looking to plant myself in a full time position with benefits.  I have to bartend to make ends meet.  I am often over qualified also, even though I'd take the job anyway.  John Perez gave great ideas.  Networking and Job Fairs are also a great way to get in where you fit in.  Also temp agencies are a good foot in the door.  With her political science degree she may be able to get into a government job, even if she starts as a secretary.


I know this may not be helpful but stay encouraged and her time will come.



Tell your daughter to don't feel bad because I am going through the same thing.  I live in Austin, Texas. I have the same trouble finding something; I am either to qualified, because of my degree, or not qualified since she has no experience.  I even have worked as an intern several places and still no luck.  My advise is to keep trying and don't give up because believe me I am so frustrated myself.  As a single Mom is hard for me to encourage my sons to go to college so they can get a better job and than when you do you cannot find anything anyway.  Just keep trying and pray.






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