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We all have some traditions that we do every Christmas. Some of us have carried them over from our youth (Thanks Mom and Dad) and it just seems part of life. Share yours.

Past: There were six children in my family and every Christmas morning we lined up in the main hallway of our house. There we waited, and waited, and waited for my Dad to give us the "Ok" to go into the living room to open our presents. Dad would pass them out one by one. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the fake fireplace.

Present: I pass out presents, one by one, to my family. Also, my brothers and I give joke gifts to each other every year. We are always trying to out do each other and it continues to get better and better.

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As a kid we always opened packages on Christmas Eve. My dad works shift-work at a plant, and when I was a child he was too new at the company to ever have Christmas Day off, but he could generally get Christmas Eve off. We would go to the candle light service at church that evening, then come back to my grandparents' house, have a casual dinner of sandwiches and salads, then open presents. It was always so exciting, and all my friends woudl call that night to see what gifts I received. They were so anxious for their own Christmas, but one day early they could live vicariously through me!

Santa still came late that night and Christmas morning all my gifts from Santa would be under the tree. My parents would wake me up by tapping on the doors and windows and telling me that was Santa and the Reindeer taking off from the roof of the house. (In reality they did this just so I would wake up early enough for my dad to watch me see my Santa gifts!) When Dad would get home from work that day we would have our formal Christmas Dinner.

Today, my dad is among the employees at his plant with the MOST seniority. He COULD take Christmas off, but he chooses not to. We like the way we do Christmas in our family, and by him working on Christmas Day, his younger colleagues with small kids can have the day off.
Great reply, Vanessa! Thank you. What I find very interesting is that not many reply to blogs such as this. Have we focused so much on political, social, cultural, and career issues that we have forgotten what is really important.?


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