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President-elect Barack Obama named his former rival for the Democratic presidential nomination to be secretary of Commerce. After being Secretary of Energy under Bill Clinton and Governor of New Mexico, this US born citizen of Hispanic heritage is a representation of the importance of the Hispanic population today.

Richardson will play a key role in the economic team selected by Obama and Biden, particularly given the current fragile state of the economy and starting the job during an economic recession with signs of deflation.

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Hola Ricardo,

Having previously worked for Governor Richardson as his Nevada Political Director during his bid for the presidency, and having witness this man work as hard as he did, makes me feel confident and comfortable in that he will play a major role in reestablishing our economy via his role as Secretary of Commerce. I am excited to see the impact that he has on opportunities for minority-owned businesses, especially being that his department has the immediate oversight of this responsibility.

Also, thank you for taking note of the Las Vegas and Detroit chapters. We are working arduously to establish a chapter that NSHP can be proud of. I look forward to one day meeting you and many more of our fellow members.


Javier Trujillo
Richardson has withdrawn his nomination. The Obama cabinet -- and the Hispanic community -- lost one key appointment. Former Governor Richardson is now lumped with the likes of current Gov. of Illinois, Mr. Blagojevich, under the rubric of "pay to play". Will Hispanics see better days in the coming months from the Obama administration? What about immigration reform?


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