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I have been looking for full-time employment and have noticed on numerous occasions that much younger (20+) individuals have been hired ahead of me. As I have spoken to other position hunters, I have heard similar tales. Employers who ask age-leading questions have raised my antennae. I have taken to removing my graduation years, earlier positions and anything else that would reveal my age.  My resume now has been streamlined, vetted and revised. I have also spoken to the Department of Labor. I was informed that there has been a significant rise in these issues. Has anyone else run into this? And, what steps have you taken?

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Hi Jaime... espero te encuentres bien

Yes.. sad as it sounds.. there is a tendency for recruiters and hiring employers to pay closed attention to the age of the applicant.. what  found is AGE first.. LOCATION second...or at least close one another and then experience..

I am a highly experience IBD, multilingual..(five languages).. multicultural.. with over 20 years of International Business Development under my wings... specially in the Latin American market... a great catch for any company looking to expand operation in the global market... right?? well NOT really..!!

All that doesn't matter... there is nothing we can do, in my opinion.. 'cause bottom line, the ball stop at the person responsible of the  hiring .. we can work the system all you want till the point of the actual "in person" interview.. then .. since we just don't look like 20's anymore...thank you very much... NEXT. I am 57...athletic.. you never guess my age.. still even thou I look in the mid, upper 40's .. no good my friend.. 

We also need to understand that it is cheaper to hire non- experience,or for lack of a word less experience young candidates... that is the reality of the world we leave in.. in addition there are too many available candidates.. there is no supply and demand  as it used to be as close as10 years ago...

All I can say is keep trying.. I have been doing that for 4 years already.. don't give up!!!

Wishing you much success in your searching...

Best Regards,

Alan Altman

IBD, Sales, Marketing, Operations

Hotel -Casinos- Resorts


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