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I graduated in 2007 with a Masters degree (communication Arts) and its been really hard to find work .. It kills me because i have a good portfolio and some experience. Either i am told i have little experience or over experienced there is no in between. I have experience but haven't been working full-time in my field recently due to the fact that i went back to school full-time. Any suggestions . I go to job fairs ,networking parties and my resume is on many job boards but still no luck. I need to work to survive but am afraid to just get a job anywhere because i don't want it to hurt my resume and hurt my chances of getting a job as a Graphic Designer. I am looking for entry-level work to get my foot back into the door.

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Apparently you are looking for employment in a hightly competitive field and a desired place to live, New York city which compounds your problems, apart from having no experience.  Your best best short term contract work to give potential employers that you are not standing still.  Obtain references from this work and continue forward.


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