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I graduated in 2007 with a Masters degree (communication Arts) and its been really hard to find work .. It kills me because i have a good portfolio and some experience. Either i am told i have little experience or over experienced there is no in between. I have experience but haven't been working full-time in my field recently due to the fact that i went back to school full-time. Any suggestions . I go to job fairs ,networking parties and my resume is on many job boards but still no luck. I need to work to survive but am afraid to just get a job anywhere because i don't want it to hurt my resume and hurt my chances of getting a job as a Graphic Designer. I am looking for entry-level work to get my foot back into the door.

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I can echo with most of the sentiment on this board. I have many job experiences and decided to go back to school for the business and the possible law degree. With one degree under my belt, I still attend school and work full-time.

I'm thinking about attending the job fair in Dallas even though I don't live in Texas. Networking is a great way to meet different people.

There is going to be a job fair on 9/4/08 in NYC go to it. I just came from the one that was held in DC and there where so many federal employers. It is really hard to find anything now but hang in there. The feds seem to be the only ones hiring. One recruiter told me to look at federal agencies where you want to work, and that the exact thing that you want will come along. I hope you find something soon.

Gail Garcia
GRACIAS everyone its just hard because you dont want to put something in your resume that is going to take away from it?
Me too!

It is voice mail hell and headhunters don't return phone calls.

I have a track record of successful brand-building experience and developing award winning integrated campaigns for all media, including print and broadcast advertising, packaging, collateral, corporate identity, video, multi-image and interface design for the web. I also have very strong presentation skills.

I am able to multi task, work well under pressure and able to meet TIGHT deadlines! I have extensive photo art direction and organization experience. I am an expert in print production.

My work has been recognized for creative excellence by the NY Art Directors Club, The Mobius Awards, The Adrian Awards and Art Direction Magazine. I am also a photographer.

I am EXCELLENT in QuarkXpress 7, InDesign CS3, Illustrator CS3, Photoshop CS3, and Adobe Acrobat.

And I still can't find work with over 20 years experience....

One suggestion that I can think of is volunteering your time. Of course this may seem to be a bit of a stretch since you have to work to survive, however it would increase your odds of becoming employed in your field. Another possibility would be an internship.

In these types of relationships it is a win win situation simply because you get what you want, the potential employer gets what they want, and that may include you as their full time paid employee.

One more thing Erika, have you ever thought about hiring a Career Coach?

I hope that I have given you something of value.
Please visit our website to see if there is a position open of interest to you. Please read the unit description closely to ensure that your experience is what they are seeking. Good luck!
Hey Erika,
I'm new to the site, but I checked out this note you posted and just wanted to say that I totally understand what you're going through!!! I just recently graduated (in May) with a Master in Social Work from a really great school, and similar to your story have put my resume out there in every way possible; and no hits! Although, I haven't been out of work as long as you have, it becomes so discouraging at times, because we know all the impressive skill sets we have and what an asset we could be, if some company would just be willing to take a chance on us?!? As far as the experience situation goes, my story is as well very similar to yours...I have some experience, especially related to internships and field placements, but some employers don't want to count that...it's sooo frustrating!

I'll be attending the NYC job fair next week...maybe that will help? Just try to keep your head up. What keeps me holding on is reminding myself of my accomplishment of completing and pursuing graduate school to begin with...that is a successful triumph in itself! I know things will get better soon. In the mean time, I try to pick up odds and end type jobs, like bartending, and even temping...anything to help out with some bills!
Hi Erika,
I sent you an email. After 2 years looking you have to consider you may not be effectively marketing yourself to the right people. Contact me and we'll go from there. I have 1 local client for your in Long Island and another in the city that need graphic design.
I sympathize with you Erika. I am a paralegal specializing in litigation. I have years if experience and was grandfathered into the industry. I went on an obtained an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies, and I am due to complete my B.S. in Criminology in December. I type 75, transcribe, etc... and recently moved back to New York... to no avail, I am either overqualified for the clerical positions and because I do not have my B.S. yet and although I have registered with numerous recruiting agencies have not been sent out on an interview. Another factor to consider, because I have heard recruiters and have seen ads in which explicitly dictate that unless one has graduated from a top tier college, you do not need to apply!
I find that kind of callous because not everyone can afford to go to a top tier school, I myself have paid my way through college and it has taken me a long time to get where I am at because of economics and raising a family..... I hear you.
Network, network, network!

Meet people, talk about your situation, be proactive. This is your life. Have you thought of doing freelance work to keep up your skills and network while working a job to pay your bills?
Hi Erika,

I feel for you, if is any consolation, I studied Graphic Arts, before the computers took over the entire field. So my years of study became absolete, my first computer was a MacIntosh SE20 with a whooping 20 megabites of storage and 16Ram. I paid $2,500 plus interest for it.

Now back to you: I would consider going in as "intern" doing voluntary work, for the community. "What goes around comes around" before you know it, people will admire your work and perhaps offer you a position with more pay.

Just remember: Resumes can be tweaked, your work can not.

Best regards,


I'm right there with you! My post should be titled, "Ph.D. and unemployed!!!"

It's very unfortunate and gravely discouraging to know I've spent the last 12 years "advancing" and obtaining two B.A., a master's and doctorate degree...all from UCLA and all for what? I'm unemployed and, like you, find myself either over-qualified or need additional experience for certain positions. However, what is most interesting is the screening process. While on one hand, on paper I'm well qualified for certain positions, once I am invited to interview and enter the respective offices I am told, immediately,I need additional experience. No interview, no questions asked; they automatically have me sign in and say, "Sorry, we have reconsidered our invitation for an interview. Candidates need additional experiences for this position." The only logic to this madness is that we're not taking in consideration or discussing issues of AGEISM. The few interviews I have gone through, thoroughly, was evident I was over-qualified and had more experience than the entire selection committee put together. Nonetheless, soon after inteviewing I received an email notification stating I would not be offered the position...well, positions as the job hunt continues.

So my question to folks, other than networking and continue applying to endless amount of job postings (4-5/day), how do we encourage young Latinos to advance with a formal education, pursue graduate degrees when at the end of the day, we're all hussling and struggling to find a job to pay our bills? Which sets another frustration: we've been in school for so long, we have a endless amount of debt; how do we pay off our education without a job?

Maybe I'm just rambling but I'm a living contradiction: an educator advocating for Latinos to advance with a formal education, yet I'm unemployed because of being over-qualified with a Ph.D.

...mmm que la!


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