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I graduated in 2007 with a Masters degree (communication Arts) and its been really hard to find work .. It kills me because i have a good portfolio and some experience. Either i am told i have little experience or over experienced there is no in between. I have experience but haven't been working full-time in my field recently due to the fact that i went back to school full-time. Any suggestions . I go to job fairs ,networking parties and my resume is on many job boards but still no luck. I need to work to survive but am afraid to just get a job anywhere because i don't want it to hurt my resume and hurt my chances of getting a job as a Graphic Designer. I am looking for entry-level work to get my foot back into the door.

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Hi Martha,
Here is the issue and traditional solution. Gen X does not want to get married because of career. If we did, we would be able to afford a house on a 2 income household. With the increased equity over 5 years a refinance 2nd mortgage would be able to absorb the student loan debt. Then selling the home you pay it all off and you have no debt. That solves the debt.

As for replying to job postings there is a better solution. Refreshing your online profile Friday nights will get you visibility with more headhunters than sending resumes on a ratio of 10 to 1. Be sure to put a keyword section for HR low levels doing searches. That answers the job search, now for the interview issue.

The issue with over educated people is that they are threatening to lower level managers. Nobody wants to hire someone smarter than them because they are insecure. So when they tell you that you need additional experience it is just a convenient way of telling you that they do not like you. It has nothing to do with your level of experience.

Most hiring managers know in 10 seconds if they are going to hire someone when they meet for the interview. When a hiring manager selects a resume, they are 95% sure they want to hire that person because they have figured a 3 point fit with the requirements. The only unknown variable is the personality fit with the manager.

So when you go on an interview and you feel relaxed and happy speaking to the hiring manager, that means you have the chance of being hired. Stop talking and let them have control of the conversation. They already have made up their mind. Nothing you say can change it.

When you go on an interview, and you feel uncomfortable, no amount of explaining will get you the job. You're feeling their dislike of you. If they are professional they'll just tell you they have other interviews to complete and will be in touch. The unprofessional HR interviewers will grill you as a form of insecurity and vanity. It's bad.

I suggest only putting your PhD on resume versions that call for it in the job description. Plus I suggest you screen with a phonecall and send your online profile. If your picture is on your profile they can see what you look like. You should get past HR and only deal with the hiring manager. HR has no clue and is never a good barometer on personality.

As a former hiring manager, I would never trust an HR to send me "personalities" they think I might like. I have picked people for unique reasons for certain positions who I would not normally be friends with in social circles. As a functional manager there is work to be done and I am not going to like everyone I employ but they may be good at what they do. So an experienced manager knows that sometimes you have to gamble on personality.

What you do not know, you can learn or they can teach you. It is called the learning curve. That is what training is for so you should mention that when they bring up a lack of experience. When they really like you, a candidate can be very inexperienced and non-degreed and still get the job.

So remember to have more than 5 versions of your resume depending on the level of the position. You can always get promoted. Taking a lesser job in a bad economy is a tactical strategy for getting in the door. Remember a smart person can double their salary by demonstrating their value to the organization.

Networking is the other way of getting a job at high levels. If your friend gets you the job, then you won't have to play all the mind games with HR. They'll just tell HR what your salary will be and that's that. Simple. So keep your friends and associates because they could be your ticket inside eventually.

Be smart and be effective. It helps. :-)
Contact me for more assistance.
Hey Gabriel -

As I prepare for another interview, your insight is vital. I especially appreciate couching the "learning curve" when addressing the lack of experience...or ageism, in other terms. I'll definitely contact you if I have a question...or two. Thanks again!

Mil gracias,
You are allowing corporate to tell you what you can and cannot do. You need to say enough is enough and get angry about it!!!!!!!!! Create an opportunity for yourself and make your own luck. With such a degree you need to become a job creator not an employee. Learn to create money. How? That's the beauty of been an educated member of society---figure it out! I myself lost my job in 2002. I am a computer engineer. I took me 1 year and the depletion of all my savings and moral fortitud to figure out that I needed to re-create myself. And I did. Since all the computer jobs were been taked by people from India, Russia, China, you name it, I used what I new about managing budgets and finance to recreate myself as a successful financial planner. 6 years have past and I have my own practice, my own office, my own schedule and no fear of loosing something I don't have........a job.

Be creative. It's hard, so find a good mentor, and get it done.

Good luck

I am glad to hear that you have had success, it gives me some hope. I am currently in the process of starting my new company for some of the same reasons you discussed. I have been at it for several months, and unfortunately I have to take a job I am not that excited about to pay the bills. I plan to continue to keep marketing, and consulting but I know it is going to come to a slow down once this job starts.
It so far has been interesting I have had to learn an entirely different genre. I have been a counselor and a supervisor, but this is an entirely new way of interacting with people.

I am glad to hear I have something good to look forward to.
Erika, Martha & Everyone,

Don't give up! Consider these quotes I just received from a WITI (women in technology) newsletter I received. They hit home for me, maybe they'll hit home for you

When obstacles are in your way -

“Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” -Michael Jordan

When you are having a hard time seeing opportunities around you -

"I don't look to jump over seven-foot bars. I look around for one-foot bars that I can step over" – Billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

what is your "field" and can u email me ur resume im a recruiter.
Hi Erika,

I know what you are going through. I have a Masters Degree and almost completing my PH.D in Human Resources. I am unemployed and am having a hard time finding a job as well. Over the past 1.5 months I have sent my resume to about 200 places and no one is hiring.

Who knows what is happening....

Keep your head up and good luck.
Yeah it's hard I am going to take a breather and just work on my portfolio
Hello, I understand where you are. I can offer you an opportunity in network marketing. Visit www.mynikken.com and go to the bottom of page to other sites icon and read about our vantastic products. If this sounds like something you could do, let me know and I'll get in touch with you. May god bless you future aspirations.

Regards, Ron
I feel for you. I graduated in May and got a job right away, even turned down other offers! Last month the company I was working for cut 10% of the workforce and now I'm out of a job. I just returned from living in Mexico for 3 years only to finish my last semester of school here and start work and now here I am done with school and 6 months work experience. I can't get an admin. job because I'm viewed as not staying around long - which is probably true; not to mention I don't want to be an admin. I want to get into Int'l Sales & Marketing but you need experience and 6 months isn't considered anything. I try to network but it's hard when I'm so young, moved away from home and haven't been in the country for the better part of 3-4 years.
Good luck!
Me too!
It is not what you know in this world... it is who you know!!
Hello Erika:
I'm sorry to hear your current situation but, I would like to tell you to keep your head High because I know what you are going through because I went through it and it happen to me with only a BBA . Therafter, a found a comfortable zone as I entered the Medical/Pharmaceutical arena to later find myself starting to search again due to the economy being soft.Subsequently, after different Pharmaceutical contracts I was recruiter into teaching and here I'm now. Perhaps, that is an area that you should look into. I did start teaching and now with an MBA and not doing what I was trained to do which is Sales, Management and Marketing.
If there is any other advise that I can give you feel free to contact me. Louis.Nacer@verizon.net


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