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I graduated in 2007 with a Masters degree (communication Arts) and its been really hard to find work .. It kills me because i have a good portfolio and some experience. Either i am told i have little experience or over experienced there is no in between. I have experience but haven't been working full-time in my field recently due to the fact that i went back to school full-time. Any suggestions . I go to job fairs ,networking parties and my resume is on many job boards but still no luck. I need to work to survive but am afraid to just get a job anywhere because i don't want it to hurt my resume and hurt my chances of getting a job as a Graphic Designer. I am looking for entry-level work to get my foot back into the door.

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I took a job one hour away highway miles so that I could get some field experience while I go to school. I now have 2 1/2 years of field experience in counseling domestic violence and sexual assault victims. This is great, but the commute is killing me. And the other down side is that I AM STILL IN SCHOOL pursuing my bachelors in counseling. You might have to take something unrelated with a really good firm to get your foot in, then transfer into the right place once you're in. Good luck.
IIts been rough its either i am underexperienced or too experienced i hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel. i am going on two years looking. I tried even as an admin its just too hard too find. no one is hiring i guess keep on trying until it happens or doesnt
I cannot agree with you more :(. It is so hard to try to find the one organization to give you a chance. Even with your own work place. I had been working for the same medical center for so many years, never been in trouble or counseled; I had always been praised for my work. I started as a unit secretary/unit coordinator and then I took a dual role as a nursing assistant as well. After so many years, I decided to go back to school and now I have a master’s degree in health care Administration, I have so much experience and implacable evaluations. However, even here at my own workplace, I am finding it hard to find an entry level, or middle management position, why? Is it because people still thinks of me as a unit secretary? I am getting frustrated, even though I still in my position as a unit secretary, I find it so unfair that I cannot move up, you would think that institutions or organizations would take pride to have people move up in the ladder. If anyone is able to give me a chance, I can assure you that the organization will not regret it.
However, I do understand your frustration and concerns.
That happen with my Job i got after graduation. I was an intern then was hired full-time as a Graphic Designer and no matter what i did i was still seen as "THAT INTERN". Now my problem is that i am unemployed and need to pay bills ect.. and am afraid to just take anything b/c that will hurt my resume even more. You cant win . But hope and love for my Craft is what is keep me hopeful and alive
I think that when you are excellent, higher-ups do not want to lose someone that is doing such a great job at that level because they know that it will be hard to get good workers. Unfortunately, this limits someone to the same position and employers end up losing a good worker who would have turned out to be an excellent manager given the opportunity. Sometimes, the only way to get up the ladder is to go somewhere else. I'm hanging on to my job until something better comes along because internally, even though you have earned a promotion, none is coming. I can't wait around for something to happen. I have to make it happen. It's sad to say, but many times it is about networking and who you know somewhere to get you in. Get the word out to people you know that you are looking. Call friends from previous jobs. That's how I find out about openings to apply for. It gets me the interview, at least. Good luck.
Thanks i have been trying but i dont know many people. So i will continue and have no choice but to get a job outside of my field and continue looking
It sounds like your good at your job, and care about what you do. I agree with Connie. They will probably want to keep you in your same position because you go above and beyond. They wouldn't be able to replace you, with anyone with your experience. It might be good to get a fresh start if you can. Good Luck

You may want to work on your resume... Too little or too much information may be an issue. Also, what are you looking for...? Are you aiming for the right job...? Have you tried the education (teaching), option...? Also relocation may be an option.

i am aiming for a job that i feel i am qualified to and apply . I actually redid my resume and condensed it and just put important facts jobs in there.
Well i have an interview next week and if it doesnt work out i am going to take a job as an administrative and just go on more interviews as i work . i dont want to work as a professor yet . i want more industry experience first and eventually open my own studio then teach if i want to
HI, Im graduated last juanuary 2008 in Mexico, computer systems engineer, i looking for a job in USA & canada, because in Mexico is so hard to find work, good luck.
i have friends in Puebla and they say that in Mexico theres jobs
I understand what you are going through, I've been there. In NYC it's who you know. I don't know if you have tried idealist.org it may have some possibilities. I wouldn't worry about taking any job, you need to support yourself 1st. You can take almost any job and put a spin on it to support your resume. Does your grad school have a job center? Even if you are an alumni they should be willing to help you out. If I hear of any openings I will be glad to pass it along.


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