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I am in the process of trying to open up a Non profit Hispanic based services for all Hispanic/ Latinos that need help with various services and Issues that are difficult for a lot of our community to provide to the Hispanic communities. Employment, Tax Id, Immigration paperwork, referal and other various services which "In my opinion" Is desparately needed in order for the Hispanic community to grow and thrive. I am looking for financial backing, advise and Ideas. Im new to the VA, DC area and being a seasoned staffer / employment advisor I feel there is a great deal more that we as Latino and Hispanics can do to help with some of these issues and eliminate some of the stress and hardship that we face today. I believe in giving back some of the opportunities given me. Who out there in a better position than I can or willing to help - It will be greatly appreciated and It would be a great thing to have. I have some really great Ideas for this. I can be reached at juansoto61@yahoo.com

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I am in the process of creating a non-profit in NYC for urban youth & communities, myself. So, I understand your situation. www.idealist.org allows free ads. It's for non-profits. There is a lot of grant money available, but you have to have the agency and the tax-id # for a year before you can apply. There may be some different grants in DC, but most of the ones I looked into said the same thing. It mightI be worth trying to connect to the department of education. There are some programs for over-aged under credited students who are in need of job trainning or GED programs. They may be able to provide you with information or give you refferals. School guidance counselors and social workers also connect families to you type of agency on a daily basis, so connecting with the counselors is free advertising. I have any families I work withmove to DC, I will pass along your information. Would you be willing to work with families of non-hispanic origin? I wish you the best.
Hola Leslie,

Thanks for the tips- This is a great start in the right directions.
I would love working with anyone that needs help.
Passing this along will do alot. Im just starting to get this going and every little bit helps in order to help others.

Thank you Leslie
Good luck to you and your efforts in NYC

Juan Antonio
I don't know if this helps much, but understand and believe in your idea. I am writing because I have come into contact with a group in Memphis TN that did something to what you are wanting to establish. At the time, during my research I had found that Memphis had an overwhelming growth of Hispanics, and the facility we have out there only had 1 hispanic in the whole plant. I wanted to reach out as an employer looking for workers when I stumbled across them. They host job fairs, do community work etc. They are called Latino Memphis they are an affiliate member of the National Council of La Raza.
Their phone # is 901-366-5882 website: http://www.latinomemphis.org/
Good Luck!

Thank you for the infomation. This is great!!. I am pulling all resources and I hope to have some very Interested people here in VA and DC. I believe it's a worthty cause with great potential.
I will get on this site ASAP.
I am trying to also attract some local resources.

Liza, Than k you - If you have any other great Input please, continue to share.

Likewise, here ther is also an overwhelming number of Hispanic and Latinos with excellent skills and experience.

I myself am between employment but, I've alway been better at finding work and services for others than I do for myself - Go figure.

I'll be hitting the streets of DC and VA for grant info and anything that will help make this happen.


Thank you

Juan Antonio
All help and assistance is welcomed


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