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Hello everyone,

I am doing some research on different forms of job advertising. The question for today is...
What is the most effective form of online advertising for you (what would you be more responsive to)?

Do you frequent Monster.com, USAJob.com, Careerbuilder.com, Hotjobs.com, Facebook.com, Myspace.com, NSHP.com, Military.com, advertising.com, JobFox.com, Fastweb.com, Classmates.com, or "Other"?

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I have been using Craigslist, idealist.org, and socialservice.com, but I work in the human services field. I hope that is helpful.
Hello, I'm a Web Business Analyst and the most effective way to get quality candidates through online advertising is to be targeted to the demographic profile you are looking to hire for this position. I.e. Tech Person vs. Creative Person vs. Sales Person.

Monster and all these other job companies have stats on the demographics of the canidates they have in thier database and your search will be more effective by you placing your ads in targeted sites!

Eric Ramos
To tell you the truth I find the greatest advertisment is by word of mouth. If people love a service then they will tell others.
Thank you everyone for your advice! Leslie, I never thought of using Craigslist for promoting jobs, but will definitely look into it. Eric, I agree with you, we do need to target our audience and since we are always hiring for many diverse positions (we do the recruitment and hiring for all 19 museums) perhaps we need to focus on the most critical positions to promote. Goethy, thanks for the insight on what job seekers are using. And Madeline, I too am a believer of word of mouth--so I hope everyone on here spreads the word that the Smithsonian Institution is hiring--all jobs are advertised through USAJobs. Thank you again!

The Best.
Well, I am certainly partial to LatPro.com as that's where I work, so I'll get that out of the way up front. But I will admit that I've hired several of my sales people and other employees using Monster.com.

I couldn't agree more with Eric that using targeted or niche job boards is a good tactic. They will not provide you the volume of candidates that a big board can, but can often provide more qualified candidates in your area of focus.

Online advertising doesn't just have to be about job postings either. If you find a website that caters to your needs, you can ask that site to email their membership about your organization and the opportunities it provides, or your message about diversity, or whatever you'd like to say. Many sites have online newsletters and other opportunities as well.

Although the job fair series that NSHP and LatPro have worked on together is clearly not online, very much of the advertising opportunity for the exhibitors pre- and post-job fair is online.

Hope that helps.


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