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I was a High School senior and needed money to buy my cap and gown, since my mother coud not afford to buy them for me. She had recently been unemployed. So I started looking for a job. I tried getting a job through the local job bank here in New York but were not lucky. So I started to ask around in school, to my teachers, and friends. One of them, Randal, from Costa Rica worked at a flower shop around my house. He told me he would ask his boss and would let me know as soon as possible.

The following day, Randal told me that he has spoken to his boss and she told him that I could stop by so she can tell me about the job. I was so excited to find out that I might get this job. So, the next day after school Randal and I rushed to the flower shop. He introduced me to his boss and she asked me how soon could I start. I told her that I could be there the next day. I asked about the salary and hours, Mrs. Kim –owner of Kim's Flower Shop – told me that the hours were from 4:00 to 8:00, and that she would pay me $2.00. I thought the pay was a bit unfair but I needed the money. And so, the next day I started that job.

Did I forget to mention that Mrs. Kim never told me what my duties would be? Well, I found out the next day that I would be cleaning the flowers as soon as they came in. by cleaning I mean, taking them out of the heavy boxes, cut them evenly, place them in water cubes, feed them and yes...get rid of the thorns! I thought I was going to work the register machine, not do the same kind of job that Randal was doing. A man's job!

I went home tired, dirty, hungry and my hands and arms covered with scratches. Proof of my hard labor. I thought to myself: "It's hard work for so little money but I have to do it." And I did. I saved enough money to buy my graduation items, and I quit right after. Why? Not only because I had made the money to buy my cap and gown, but also because I found out that she was paying the girl at the cash register $4.50 and Randal was making $4.00 for the same type of labor I was doing.

I have always been a hard working woman and that job just made me stronger and eager to better myself. After graduation, I got a job in the mail room at the factory where my mom's new job.

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Congratulations! Rena

On your accomplishment. I am happy for you. As you have stated it only made you stronger; and that will; will keep you heading in the right direction; sometimes we have to go through strong waves before we can get ashore; if you know what I mean. With that said God Bless take care and the Best of wishes for you and your family; I am new on "NSHP"; because had I known I have my grandsons graduation cap and gown and I would of gladly given it to you. That is a day no student should miss. Again! GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES

Thanks for the offer and your thoughts. I'm doing much better now and have a job as a translator for the mayor here in New York City.
What an interesting story! How long ago did this happen? $2 is very modest earnings for such hard work.

I'll bet it's helped you though in the "real world." When your job seems bad, you can always think back to the job at the flower shop, and remember that things could be worse!
It was a long time ago. I was only 18, I'm much older now. It did help me in the real world. I learned that things do not come easy and I had to work hard to get them.
Rina my name is Sara Bajger Im glad that it all worked out for you God works in different way's. Some time we are tested to see how much we can take. I know its not fair but I have been their many times. If you ever decide that you want to have your own business please let me know I can show you how. You will still continue what you are doing but if you can devote four hours or more a week within two or three years you will have your own franchise. My business is also in New York and other states within the United States and several Countries. I have been blessed with a great Franchise that will be around for a long long time.

Sara Bajger


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