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It's funny that all they tell you in school is to network. Talk to people. See who knows who but on the other hand if an employee tries and helps a friend get a job it is considered nepotism. Is it because you are networking with people you don't know and can't be classified as nepotism. I think that the whole networking idea is fake. I have friends that have very different jobs. They would never in a million years help me get a job. Then again they are not really my friends but rather than my boyfriends. Can anyone give any insight to this frustrating issue? Thanks!

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Well, the sad fact of the matter is many companies don't even post a lot of their job openings. Why go to the trouble when their friend's sister is qualified and needs a job and can start tomorrow? It's harder when your friends are in completely different lines of work, but still it really is important to let everyone in your network (friends, family, acquaintances) know when you are looking to expand your professional options, because you never know when they may hear in a meeting that their company is going to have an opening for a graphic designer, and then they can casually say, I know the PERFECT person! Also there could be something in it for them, many companies offer referral bonuses.

I know that you sound skeptical about the value of networking, but on a personal level I can tell you that the value of networking was absolutely critical when my husband was laid off a while back. We told EVERYONE from my friends to his softball team that he was looking for a job... When he was laid off he had 2 weeks left to work, and at the end of that 2 weeks he had 3 jobs lined up from which he got to pick. It really CAN work.

Fortunately for the networking skeptics or those who are shy and intimidated by networking, there are many great quality jobs that are posted publicly daily which were not filled internally for which you can apply.

I always prefer to use both resources though... when looking for a job I think you really can't have too many people working for you to find that perfect position!
I know what you mean Claudette. I used to think that getting a job by knowing someone is cutting corners. But then it seems to be the reality like Vanessa said. I worked at a school, that I moved up in because they were familiar with my work ethic but passed over other highly qualified individuals because they knew me. Prior to that I noticed that almost everyone that worked there new someone who worked there or a church they went to together or a past job. It was funny when I started realizing ... what?? it really is who you know! But then comes the downfall. I'm looking for a career in lab work and I don't know a soul who does that, nor do any of my friends. Im applying and applying and hoping at this point. Good Luck on your job search!
Claudette: I think that networking is a great avenue to assist in securing a position in a company. It is only when people are not professional on the job, and display the trait of nepotism to others is when one brings in a friend or acquaintance to the work place. I have seen much of it in many companies. I on the other hand have not been in that specific situation to comment on how I may fall prey to that type of trait. But, as a Hispanic women in my field, I have had alot of difficulties securing positions, so I am all for networking a fellow latino/latina at work to assist in their career goals.
i agree with Marvin on this one, Networking can be alot of different things to alot of different people. For me, I love socializing and volunteering, so I don't just network for job sake but to get to know others interests, hobbies, commanality
Be yourself always and bold enough to tell others what you want, need or can offer to make things happen for you or others; simplicity rules. -Gabriel/Atomiczilla
I don't network to "get a job." That may be a by-product but I really do find people fascinating. And I never know or plan ahead what to expect when I go to a networking gathering. In fact, it's usually people I meet in a variety of circumstances that builds a network or web. They may have good ideas or be a good connection immediately, later, or for someone else I know.

I think of the process as using people skills that yields a valuable gift. It's been my natural passion for conversation and sharing ideas that has been the benefit of networking.
where do you network?! it does work... just need to be patient and persistent. Do you have a Linkedin profile? Facebook?, a Blog? I am not exactly a good example, but I've seen it happening. So don't give up :) be confident and never give up!
As frustrating it may seem, especially in today's time, networking gives you another option in your job search. It's all about timing and luck! I've been through hard times, but managed to overcome obstacles. I used every means available from newapapers, recruiters,internet, and networking friends and former employers to get ahead. The main thing is to stay focus,have faith/hope, and perserve.
Proof of how networking works… I recently attended our DFW event and it was great to meet so many people. Another member yet invited one individual who isn’t yet a member here. She and I got into a conversation and decided to have lunch this past week. When she told me more about her company I thought of a friend who was looking for a job in the field her company serves. She gave me some business cards and I called my friend and gave him the branch to go apply. Sure enough, he was hired and starts this coming week. Now that’s networking!
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