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My company is in Southern California and we specialize in social networking and internet media. I'm an entrepreneur at heart and am passionate about the company mission. Ideally, I'd like to hire Hispanic professionals for Operations, Marketing, and Technology. I haven't actively started looking for these two individuals yet but where do I start? I could go the traditional routes (ads, headhunters, etc.) or talk to people I know who know people, etc. There are so many hispanic groups I could join and even groups like the marketing association, or maybe just placing an ad. Of course, there are qualified people of all types out there but since the company's target is Hispanic women, it would sure be nice to have the understanding of the culture built-in to the key members of the company. Any thoughts on where to look?

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I would try posting on www.latpro.com, a job board whose niche is bilingual professionals.
I'd also attend networking events and talk to your friends about your hiring needs; someone always knows someone :)
Hi Myrna,
NSHP is a good place to start. I would agree with you that having an understanding of the culture built-in is a factor.

Sometimes it is not so much where to look that is the issue, but what your strategic plan is that should tell you who could help. For example, do you want to become international or do you just want to stay continental United States? That will tell you if you are going to place ads in Spain and Argentina or just in California, Texas, and Florida.

It looks like you have done most of the strategic infrastructure planning quite well. Now the tactical execution will be the next step. Depending on how set you are to be scalable will determine who would be able to lend a hand in the next phases. Your entity formation, financial system implementation, and virtual flexibility may be a roadmap as to who would be the square peg for the square hole. The best people may not be a fit if they aren't within 45 minutes of your office. If you are flexible though, you may be open to the best and save money.

Either you have already picked the best to help with strategy or you have done your homework ahead of time. From what I see it may not matter where you find your next people. I would like to see your projections and tactical plan to understand where you want to be in 3 years so I can recommend some people.

As a matter of experience and practical recruiting I do have some advisory for you. This advisory is from years of hiring experience and tactical legal process. I sent you an email through True Bellezas as well.

Best regards,

Gabriel Rios, MBA
Tactical e-Implementation & Operations
Latinas Guiding Latinas is a great place to start:

Hi Mirna:
I am interested in finding out what you are looking for and where is you company located. I live in Northern California, have a Business Administration Bachelors degree, I am fluent in Spanish, graduated from high-school in Peru, and have extensive Customer Service experience, Are the positions you are looking to fill n Southern California? Please contact me at pattyachamiller@hotmail.com
Hi Myrna,

I'm interested to find out more about your company. I currently live in Texas and am in the process of leaving the military after 9 fun years. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems Management, fluent in English/Spanish, have an Active U.S. government Secret clearance and have extensive customer service skills. I'm currently open to moving wherever my career takes me and am open to new opportunities. Please feel free to contact me at JMOntiveros@yahoo.com


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