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Hello All, My name is Marie Castro, I am looking for a job in the Dallas or surrounding areas, I currently live in Irving TX and am going back to school pursuing a degree in business.

I just got laid off fromTIG Commercial Real Estate as an Accting Admin Asst due to economy, they cut the whole acctng dept out.

I have extensive experience in customer service, admin, general office, clerical, data entry, solid communication skills, multi-tasker, self starter, detail oriented. Unfortunately, I am not bilingual, I can read, write Spanish but can't speak it conversationally.

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Gracias Roberto!
Hi Marie,

I am in the same situation you are in as it regards to employment. I am currently seeking employment as an HR Mgr. I currently have a Masters in HR and working towards a PH.D in Human Resources.

If anyone knows of any organization that is needing an HR Mgr, please let me know.
Are you in Dallas area too, I sure will.
Hi Marie,

I am in the DFW area. I live in North Fort Worth.
Good luck to all of you in your jobsearch. I just wanted to remind you that there is an NSHP/LatPro job for Hispanic and bilingual professionals next week in Dallas. If you haven't already, come check out the website and pre-register for the event. It is free for all jobseekers.

Yes i saw that but can i still go even though im not bilingual?
Hi Marie,

If I were you, I would still go. Even though your not bilingual, you can still read, write and understand. That should count for something. I am the same way as you. Unfortunately I was never taught Spanish from my mom as we were mainly raised in Wisconsin and she thought we would need English more than anything. I can read, write and understand but conversations can sometimes be difficult. I think its really a confidence issue for me as I am afraid I might sound stupid. :) I continously try to keep learning to be more fluent though. I currently work in HR recruiting with a focus on bilingual capability. I may not sound and have perfect Spanish but I am a face in the community that makes them feel comfortable.
Definitely go! Just let them know what you can do and focus on your strengths.

Good Luck!
Okay thanks I will go with my friend Francia, as for my Spanish when I do speak it, I don't worry to much bout sounding stupid, my accent is very good, I don't speak well in English(like the England English, LOL nor do I speak Spain or Castillian Spanish which is what I learned in high school I speak Spanglish.
Hello Marie.

As Azaelia said, you should certainly go to the event, and I think it's a great idea to go with a friend as well. When you speak with the recruiters at the event, be prepared to give them an overview of your experiences and skills, highlighting your strengths. As for not being bilingual as you said above, from your other comments it seems that you do have decent language skills that could benefit an employer, and just because they are not perfect does not mean that you should ignore or downplay that skill. You will not be the only non-fluent Spanish speaker there--I guarantee it as this is the 16th or 17th job fair that I've been working on with this organization. Smile, remember the recruiters are there to meet you, and I wish you the best.

Rob Steward
Hi Azaelia,

I see that you are an HR Recruiter. I am currently seeking employment and would like to send you my resume so that you can circulate it with your group of connections.

Please let me know if it is okay.
Marie & Eluid,

Why don't both of you look into the petroleum industry? When you get a chance, take a look at the following companies and apply:

Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Exxon, Hess, BP, etc.

Good luck,



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